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The BrewHouse is THE place to experience the best variety of beers from the leading breweries in Southern California, the US, and the World. We love the concept of fresh, independent, and craft. Travel the whole county, without leaving the relaxed, casual environment of The BrewHouse.

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We’re like a brewery, only without the brewing equipment!

Well, that’s mostly true. We can’t allow kids, or dogs, so there’s that. On the other hand, we can pick our beer list from amongst all the breweries in the county, the state, the country, and the world, to bring you the best of the best. While our Orange County selection is unrivaled, we also make sure to bring in some of the best beers from the larger, beer-rich region that stretches from Los Angeles to San Diego. We punctuate the balance of the tap list with standouts from further flung areas, including an occasional benchmark beer from Belgium, or Germany.

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I don’t know much about craft beer. It’s kinda intimidating.

Don’t let the beer snobs get you down. While we appreciate the craft, The BrewHouse is a place to learn about beer, experience the range of flavors, and celebrate the diversity! We can help you pick a beer, or a flight. We can even show you some of the raw ingredients that make beer so tasty. Our beertenders have a depth of knowledge and experience to make sure you like what you’re drinking. Our cool Digital Pour menus give you a bunch of information about each beer, including the color, and how much is left in the keg. The free app also lets you see what’s on tap in real time. No way! Way!

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So, who owns this place?

Kim and Andrew Reed own and run The BrewHouse. It’s actually Andrew’s world and Kim is just living in it. Otherwise, we’d have an ice cream shop! Actually, Andrew’s love of homebrewing, local breweries, and craft beer led to the opening of The BrewHouse in 2014. While he still holds down a “real” job to pay for his daughters’ sports, Andrew gets down there at least a couple times a week. Kim runs day-to-day operations, does all the financials, and makes sure Andrew isn’t there more than a couple of times a week!

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