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Beer and Loathing in Las Vegas

Updated: May 4, 2023

Once literally a desert for craft beer, Las Vegas is finally leaning in to the trend toward supporting local breweries. As a result, local Las Vegans and tourists alike can find really good, craft beer not far from the Strip.

The craft beer evolution has seen the closing of a couple of breweries, while some of the veterans like Tenaya Creek and Big Dog’s Brewing continue to carry the flag. Currently, a handful of relatively recent brewery openings is fueling a wave of expansion. Testament to the cooperative nature of the craft beer community, much of this expansion is happening in a small part of the Arts District which has now been dubbed Brewery Row.

Amid a few remaining auto body shops and upholsterers stands a very large rubber duck painted on a tower. This is pretty much the epicenter of this new development and the duck sits atop the Able Baker Brewery, representing a foundational member of the area. Other early entrants include HUDL House, Nevada Brewing, and CraftHaus, all a short walk away. HUDL recently came out of nowhere to grab a medal at this past Great American Beer Festival, a high honor. Offerings from the other breweries highlight their heritage, or their preferred styles, all to good effect.

Most current places on Brewery Row have some sort of menu. However, the expectation is that the brewery expansion will pull in additional complementary businesses and restaurants. Whispers abound about which chef from a prestigious Strip-based restaurant has his or her eye on this emerging market.

So, next time you make the trip to Sin City, check out what is happening off the Strip. Brewery Row is now a stop on The Downtown Loop, a free shuttle running from various locations on the Strip over to the heart of Brewery Row. All beer, no loathing!

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