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December to Remember

Updated: May 4, 2023

After you think about getting a giant bow and throwing it on top of an $80,000 car, step back and consider taking your gift-giving down a notch this year. That doesn’t mean skipping out on gifting the beer lover in your life something of quality that will make them smile.

Here are a few ideas:

  • WhaleShark bottle opener – The first step toward enjoying a beer is to open one. There are a lot of choices in openers, but I recommend the WhaleShark opener. Crafted out of whiskey barrel staves right here in Orange County, these distinctive openers are built tough and look great, too. You can even have your gift engraved for that personalized impact.

  • Specialty glassware – While any glass can be used to hold beer, as the craft beer movement has unfolded, specialty glassware has emerged alongside it. Much like the different types of wine glasses designed for specific varietals, there are beer glasses designed to accentuate the positive notes of different beers. Spieglau and Teku are two makers that provide a variety of options.

  • Growler – Getting beer to-go in growlers was one of the great benefits that arose from the surge in craft beer growth. Generally, these are designed to hold a half-gallon of fresh beer, pulled right from the tap at your local brewery. Often made of glass, a better growler is crafted from stainless steel and features double-walled construction to keep the contents cold. If you’re feeling spendy, you can even find a $200 one that maintains pressure, allowing the beer inside to last longer.

  • Books – Not everyone is an avid reader, but there are a number of books that cater to the beer lover. These might include a rundown of beer styles around the world, a geek’s guide to better home brewing techniques, or a compendium of all things beer, written by the likes of Michael Jackson (the prolific beer writer, not the singer!).

  • Beer – If in doubt, beer itself can make a fantastic gift. You can ship some local beer to your beer geek friend in another state (check shipping rules), put together a sampler pack from your local bottle shop, or grab a high-end barrel-aged stout to impress the recipient.

As many of us work on dialing back expenses, beer-related gifts are a great way to provide something useful, or informative, but also enjoyable, without breaking the bank. Cheers!

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