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Tall, Dark, and Local-ish

Updated: May 4, 2023

In a previous article, we ran through some of the beer styles that lend themselves to the cooler seasons. Here are a few specific beers to check out this autumn and into winter. These are some of my favorite beers and are all produced in our area. If you don’t see them in your local bottle shop or tap room, you can always go directly to the brewery and get them straight from the source.

  • Pizza Port, Chronicale – This amber is great in hot or cold weather. Better yet, it is readily available at all the Pizza Ports, including the San Clemente location. A definite crowd-pleaser.

  • Stereo Brewing, Robot – This robot packs a punch at 9.5%, but drinks smooth, with a nice hop bite. You can track this one down in Placentia and enjoy the cool vibe of their tap room.

  • Smog City, Coffee Porter – This GABF-gold medal winning beer is on the darker side of porter and packs a coffee punch. Smooth and delicious. The brewery has started to branch out from its Torrance base.

  • Gunwhale, Shellmaker – It can be tough to find an oyster stout, and stores don’t always stock it, so this beer might warrant a trip to Costa Mesa. Yes, the subtle briny character does come from actual oysters.

  • Bottle Logic, Stasis Project – This project is actually a line of experimental, high-ABV beers. It’s tough to say which ones are available at any given time, but all are worth a try. The Anaheim tap room has a great industrial look and feel to check out which experiments are on tap.

Enjoy a little more oomph in your beer this season! And while you’re out and about, consider adding a stop at a local brewery or tap room. You can learn a lot about a beer by seeing where it is made.

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